User Registration

Once EmRec is opened for the first time, the User will be directed for registration and submission.

Registration Screen


Use only the A-Z alphabet and 0 to 9 for the user name.


Make sure the email address is correct.


Use only the alphabet and numbers.

* These cannot be changed.

* If you upgrade your phone, you will need this information to restore your purchases and your emergency contacts.


Emergency Contacts

When emergency mode is being used, the recorded sound and the location info will be sent to emergency contacts.

Registration Screen



EmRec can be customized to suit your preferences through Settings.

Registration Screen

Submit Emergency Contact

Adding, editing, and deleting Emergency Contacts.

iCloud Sync

Sync your latest files with iCloud for backup.

Shake ON

You can choose to opt for the setting that activates Emergency Mode when you shake your device up and down and side to side during recording.

Recording Quality

Set the sound quality. If selected in the low mode, the file size will be slightly smaller. The recommended setting is High.


Choose the number of seconds one recorded file will be—choose from 60 sec., 120 sec., 300 sec., and 600 sec.

Number of Files to Keep

Set the number of files for repeated recording. I.e. If 10 is selected, when the recording reaches the 10th file, recording will restart recording from 1st file, overwriting the 1st recorded file.

* About 0.5MB capacity is needed when recording at the best sound quality setting + 60 sec.

Countdown until Emergency Mode is activated

In case Emergency Mode is turned on accidentally, the countdown minutes
will give you time to cancel the SOS.


Simple Voice Recorder

Circulating Repeated Recording allows the app to continuously record and recirculate files. The app is free when used only as a voice recorder.

Registration Screen


Circulating Repeated Recording will begin. Once the recording begins, the microphone icon will start to spin.


Stop the continuous repeated recording.

Play / Recorded File List

View and play your recorded files.

The app will record continuously, and will stop only when the stop button is pushed, or when iOS stops the app from recording (iOS stops the app from recording when the phone makes a call, records a video, etc.).


Recorded File List

Play the file by tapping the play button.

Registration Screen

You can delete the file by sliding it to the left.

Also, by tapping the edit, you will be able to select and delete files.


Emergency Function (Acquired through in-app purchase)

There are two ways to activate Emergency Mode: by manually activating it directly in the app, or by shaking your device up and down and side to side while recording.

Registration Screen

During Emergency Mode, (an) email(s) with the user’s latest location info and the associated sound recording will be sent to the emergency contacts that the user has registered in advance. The Emergency Contacts will be able to confirm the situation of the user with the map, address, and the recorded sound.



Slide a file to show more

The user will see these options when he/she slides a recorded file to the left as if he/she is deleting it.

Registration Screen


For file names, multi-byte character cannot be used.
By changing the file name, you will be able to save the file within the smartphone while exiting the repeated region.



Share a recorded file via email.


Anonymous Report (Accessible with in-app purchase of Emergency Mode access pass)

The user will be able to report bullying, harassment, or other incidents anonymously to chosen recipients.

If you have any questions, contact us through your EmRec app.