Start using EmRec and Stop bulling!


What is EmRec?

EmRec is a simple, repeated recording voice recorder. EmRec is free when used as a voice recorder.

EmRec is an app that can stop bullying, violence, and other kinds of harassment, because occasions of harassment may be recorded. EmRec also can transmit SOS signals when a victim feels that he/she is in danger.


Who should use EmRec?

EmRec should be used not only by people who are victims of bullying, but also by bystanders.

If you’re in a situation where someone is being bullied, but you can't really determine how to stop it, you can start by using EmRec to record proof of what is happening for later discussion with people who may handle
the situation. You can also use the SOS signal and call for help to handle the situation, and EmRec also has an additional feature that lets you report incidents anonymously.



When should EmRec be used?

The two main functions of EmRec are repeated recording of audio clips and the transmission of SOS signals.
EmRec’s repeated recording means that once the recording starts, it will continue until the user turns off the recording so that any important audio won't be lost.
Also, through the emergency mode (a feature that is accessible via in-app purchase,) the recorded audio clip and the location of the incident will be sent to users’ family members or other emergency contacts by email and push notification. This feature can protect the user from possible dangers.

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Why should I use EmRec?

A perpetrator may think to act more carefully if there is a possibility that a victim is using the EmRec app. Use the EmRec app to help someone who is being bullied or is facing some sort of danger. Use EmRec to save proof for evidence when talking about an incident to a trusted person.

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How to download the EmRec app

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